Does the phrase, “NO WIRE HANGERS!” ring a bell?

Ah, yes, Mommie Dearest. Only I’m not talking about the movie, I’m talking about a new book that Lane Buckman and Robyn Rasberry are releasing on April 7 from Robyn Lane Books called Mommie Diarist.


Mommie Diarist is about the good, the bad, and the boldfaced.  It is a collection of honest essays about the hardest and best job in the world: Being a mother. And I’m honored to be a contributing author in this book of essays along with the talented Virginia WoodruffEmily ReeseDona Hightower PerkinsGina Curvin, Sheila Rosenberg, Susan Olson, Nanci RathbunSharon Laidlaw-AlmaguerKristin Vanderhey ShawRobyn Rasberry and Lane Buckman. Another talented contributing author that unintentionally was left off the list last week? Meredith McGee from

You can find my essay “Mom Genes” in the book, which comes out April 7!

Here’s a classic clip from the movie Mommy Dearest in celebration of the release of the book, Mommie Diarist, edited by Robyn Lane Books:

Click here to order the book MOMMIE DIARIST from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

And in case you’re wondering, I’m working on my second book as well, to be released by Robyn Lane Books this fall!

A little side note: If you ever feel like you’re a bad mom, watch the movie Mommie Dearest again. If you ever feel like you’re getting a little soft in the parental disciplining area, watch this movie. No word of a lie, you will feel like the world’s most loving, giving mother. Faye Dunaway is so good at playing a crazy, obsessive and abusive mother, I spent the better part of my childhood thinking she actually was insane. (But I know now that she’s just one heck of an actress!) I would like to take this opportunity to say to my children that you can have all the wire, padded or wooden hangers you want. All the toys you want. I honestly don’t care how you hang your clothes. Nor do I ever want to see either of you scrub the bathroom floor until your knuckles burn. Because I love you unconditionally.