Everywhere you look, there’s snow. Not just an inch or so. But piles.

IMG_5641 (3)

Even my dogs are tired of it.

It’s stacked so high, there’s practically nowhere else for them to go!

If you close your eyes for a minute, you’d swear you’re in Russia and not Rhode Island. (And no, I don’t mean, in a Chicken-of-the-Sea-Jessica-Simpson-way that I think Russia is actually geographically close to us. I simply mean this place is starting to look a lot like the set of Rocky IV.)

We went to Arizona a couple weeks ago, and I’m surprised we came back. Yeah yeah, so the kids had school and practice and we have work and other responsibilities. But it was so awesome to be in a warm climate during the winter. Especially THIS winter. I think the Vitamin D overload from all the Arizona sun made me delirious. That has to be the only reason I made it to the airport.

Growing up in Texas, I have to admit I appreciate having four separate seasons. Rather than Houston’s Summer-Spring-Summer-Spring we actually have Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring here in Rhode Island. But it has taken me YEARS to get used to winter. Every year, I’m still surprised at just how long the winter lasts. I think I stay in a perpetual state of Vitamin-D-deficiency-induced denial. When we first moved back to ‘lil Rhody 11 years ago, I’ll never forget showing up at work in sandals. It was after Easter, so I kind of had a Stacy-and-Clinton-what-to-wear Texas style obligation. (It was 45 degrees when I left the office.) Had it not been for my space-heater, I think I would have lost my toes.

In Texas, we’d go back-to-school shopping for fall clothes when it was 95 degrees outside. We shopped for cute long-sleeve Contempo Casual tops and Forenza sweaters because we got chilled from the blasted air conditioning.

God I miss those days.

Although it rained part of the time we were in Arizona, when the sun did finally make its debut, it stayed. For days. And as I lay poolside sipping a Heineken, that Arizona sun pumped me up with so much Vitamin D, I was on a natural high that made Kelly Ripa look depressed.

Unfortunately, it’s been a couple weeks since we’ve been home and my sunshine-buzz wore off about as fast as a mall manicure.

As February break comes to an end, (yahoooo!) I have to say, I’ve had it. This white stuff is pretty and all, but I’m kind of done. I’m happy it’s melting. Yes, it can go away now. And although I love my children dearly, they can go back to school now too. I’ve been shoveling and hosting so many play dates, I’ve been falling into my bed at night from exhaustion. I’m already rehearsing my morning “bu-byes”.

But as my husband always reminds me, you can find the positive in anything if you just put your mind to it.  (Dang it! Why is he always right?!) OK, OK, there are SOME things I LIKE about the snow.

12 Things to LIKE about the snow:

  1. If you forgot to do the leaves in November, no one will notice until March.
  2. You can wear the same pants for several days in a row and no one will ever know.
  3. If you have pale skin, you can hibernate like a vampire until the spring.
  4. You can go weeks, even months without a pedicure and I promise it will NOT matter.
  5. Got staticky hair? Just throw on a hat. Waah lah, you’re good to go.
  6. If you went a little overboard on Lindt truffles for four months straight, you have until May to become best friends with your treadmill.
  7. If you’ve missed a few work outs, pick up a shovel. You’ll be breaking a sweat in no time.
  8. If you’re not a fan of your outfit, you can cover it up with a huge winter coat.
  9. Got dry crackly hands? No worries! Just cover them with gloves.
  10. You can justify indulging in hot chocolate every day. If you’re not lactose intolerant, pile it high with whipped cream and add some shaved chocolate. It boosts your mood and builds character. (And might actually put a smile on your face.)
  11. You can tell the kids to go play outside and nine times out of 10 they will happily slide on their snow pants if it’s snowing out, (giving you just enough time to watch Netflix in peace).
  12. Go sledding with your kids. I promise it’ll make you smile…and pee a little.