I haven’t even had a chance to finish my tea, but I woke up with these thoughts, so you’ll have to forgive the un-caffeinated, grammatical error of my ways. But, please, someone throw me a bone: Why are Halloween decorations already on display? I haven’t even had a chance to get my end-of-summer-oh-my-goodness-my-hair-looks-like-hay roots done, and we’re already getting ready for Halloween? What happened to living in the present? Why does everything have to feel so rushed all the time? I know I’ve been totally impatient about things all my life.
“How long until I get that promotion?”
“What sex is the baby?”
“Why can’t I have an epidural now?”
“Why isn’t he potty trained yet?”
“How did the Terrible Twos suddenly fast-forward to the eff-in fours?”
Well into my 30’s I was kind of an impatient spaz. Okay, so I felt that way last week. But today, as a 40-something mom with old-phart tendencies, I’ve started to chill a little. To learn to take things as they come. To, as my kids say, “Chill-ax” a little. (At least before my kids become teenagers!)
And speaking of impatience, I find this so enlightening: When it’s Spring Break, the kids are beside themselves because they have a WHOLE week off. But the week before school starts? It’s like we need to start splashing Vitamin D juice to the masses. “We only have a week of summer left?” my daughter asked yesterday. The look on her face said it all. And she likes school! “Only a weeeeeeeeeeeek before school starts?” It’s like the Great Depression has swept through the neighborhood. Yet you can sense a euphoric cloud hover above the mothers, as we wait oh-so-patiently for the school bus to arrive. “Oh, yes, honey, school starts in a WEEK!” Only a week until momma can get back on track.
(I would like to mention that this does NOT relate to mothers who have not yet experienced the trauma of sending their little ones to kindergarten. I too was one of those blubbering mommies who bawled when the yellow school bus left, carrying my back-packed cutie.)