I’m loving the last couple weeks of summer with my kids. (And reading the last 100 or so pages of 50 Shades of Grey.) Yes, I shamelessly purchased a copy of this controversial book last week. It helps keep me sane. I bought it the other day when I was at the mall purchasing some kid-movie posters for my 11-year-old son. Who knew I could find this book where they sell mini figurines of Marge Simpson? Comic book stores sure have changed. So, I’m a sucker for mindless summer beach reading? I can’t help it!  

Speaking of mom-appropriate reading,I’m still accepting mommy story entries and dessert recipes for my next book! Remember, YOUR story of mommy insanity or recipe could be featured in my next book! The deadline is August 31! Send your entry to jackie@ventingsessions.com. Please include MOMMY INSANITY in the subject line. No entries over 1,000 words. Thank you! And thanks to those who have sent in some great stories & recipes already!