How did your week go? Did you get through the first day of school OK? I can’t lie – I was a little stressed out the night before. Oh, I don’t know why. Maybe because my daughter was starting the third grade and my son, my first born, was starting junior high school. Yes JUNIOR HIGH. As in Diary of a Wimpy Kid first day of school, only I was the one stressing, not my son. Although there were no middle of the night panic attacks involving Captain Crunch, I did what I usually do when I’m nerve-wracked about something. I get all excited, eat chocolate and can’t get to sleep. I think I slept about three hours (if that), (in fits) the night before. These were the thoughts going through my head:

“Will I wake up in time?” 

“Will the kids remember to wake me up if the alarm doesn’t go off?”

“Will he find his locker?”

“Will he remember his combination?”

“Will he get to home room OK?”

“Will my daughter know where her classroom is?”

“Will she know what her teacher looks like?”

“What if I forget to pack something?”

“What if we miss the bus?”

So, yes, I woke up in a panic, and drank way too much caffeine. The kids woke up, all excited too, with PLENTY of time. They got dressed. They ate their breakfast, and I packed their lunches (and yes, I remembered to place them in their backpacks). They listened and brushed their teeth on time. It was a dream. Then I hugged them goodbye. I thought I’d die. Some tears spilled out, but I tried to keep my composure for their sake. They both got off to school JUST FINE. Then I carried on with my work-from-home day, trying not to obsess.

I picked up my son from school. I see him across the parking lot and he is fine, smiling ear to ear. He starts going on and on about all the cool things he did, from lockers to lunch with all his friends. I was so excited for him, and so proud. He did it. He got through the big day without any hiccups! (My daughter had a wonderful day too without any issues.) After my son finished, I was so happy, but cried a little on the inside. All I kept thinking was, How can it be? How did this happen? I remember being in the sixth grade like it was yesterday. It just amazes me how fast they grow up. I’m so proud of them, so proud to be their mom. I have a feeling this is just the beginning. Don’t even talk to me about high school. I may be all cried out now, but I’ll be a big mess when that time comes.
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