So I had my first book signing last night at Barrington Books. And I have Jill Smokler to thank for helping me calm my ridonkulous mommy insanity nerves in the days leading up to the event. As a friend and fellow author, Jill reminded me that people will come. I live in this town, and there will be no mysterious illness that keeps them from stopping by. She put me at ease and frankly shut me up when she tweeted about my event, which made me grin from ear to ear. I had been wallowing in my own Nutella-induced mommy insomnia pity party, fearing no one would remember the date, the time or the place. That the rain would damper everything and I would be reading my chapter on the Pains and Pleasures of Playdates to myself and the lovely girl who works behind the counter. That I would be signing three copies – to my husband, daughter and son. But, Scary Mommy was right. Thank you, Jill! They came! The place was packed. And I had a wonderful time chatting and venting (over cheese dip, of course) about my experience of writing and self-publishing How to Spread Sanity on a Cracker! But do you know what really made my night? Not that one of my best friends from high school came with a huge hug and all the support a dear friend needs. Not that one of my best mommy friends showed up 10 minutes before it was over because it was her son’s birthday. Not that so many came with genuine support, asking me to sign copies upon copies of my book. It was when I woke up and found my book sitting in my 11-year-old son’s Hall of Fame display (filled with trophies, autographed footballs and sports memorabilia.) And when he and my daughter hugged me this morning to congratulate me on my first book signing. That’s when I realized this is what it’s all about. I did something that made my kids proud. And that, my friends, is all this mommy needs.