I gave my 8-year-old a ride to school today, and rather than taking my preppy SUV-mobile, we decide to take my husband’s pick-up truck. But this is no ordinary pick-up. It’s a quad-cab white Dodge with no power locks, no power windows and nothing extra, not even a DVD player. I have to stop and roll down the windows manually if I want to talk to someone. My husband loves it because he can haul anything with it and it’s perfect for his business. And boy, does this thing stick out like a sore thumb in our town. Thankfully, because I’m a native Texan, I kind of get a kick out of people’s reactions. Our nieces and nephews take one look at it and shake their heads. Most kids still have no clue how to roll down the windows without a button. So my daughter says to me, as we’re waiting for the truck to warm up (half-way to her school), “Mommy, why is it always colder in Dad’s truck than it is outside?” (It was 50 degrees outside, but felt like 30 in there.)