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When I was in my 30’s, I was a working mom. A bit harried (but a happily married) working mom. When I was working full-time, I have to admit, I didn’t have time for a lot of things. I’m not just talking about professional eyebrow pluckings or pedicures. There were moments when my friends wondered how I even managed to leave the house with a clothed child, let alone remember to put my own clothes on.Working mother and child. Vector.

Although I’m proud to say I never commuted to work naked, (now THAT would have been an interesting blog post) I do remember times when I’d arrive in two completely different shoes. With dried up baby barf on my blazer. And split nails. (Not broken nails. You see, that would imply that I actually had enough time for an occasional professional manicure.)

I do vividly remember plucking my eyebrows during traffic jams.  (And I also recall my son getting car sick all over the back seat two blocks from the daycare. On more than one occasion, the poor thing.)

Thankfully, I managed to quickly jog, shower, fix breakfast and slap on some concealer (and clothes) before my daily commute. But most days, I’d arrive disheveled. Sometimes with a pounding head. And most days, with a hankering for a tall hot tea containing enough caffeine to wipe away weeks of mommy insomnia.

When I look back, I don’t know how I did it. I just did it. I had no choice. Then again, I was much younger.

Time. Ahhhhh, time.

Back then, I never seemed to have enough time. And although I’ve always been a positive person, not having enough free time made me downright cranky at times.

These days, I no longer have little ones. And I no longer work full time. I’m blessed with a  healthy tween and teen and work from home as a consultant, and most days, I’m transformed into a glorified but unpaid mommy uber driver.

Over time, a lot has changed. But then again, I’m still a happily married working mom. But I’m no longer harried. Harry, yes, in between eyebrow appointments, but not harried. My husband and I are happy together, raising two kids who are growing up before our eyes.

But these days, I have to say, I’m less hurried, less harried a heck of a lot less harry.

I actually carve out time for myself. I find time to fit in more joy. It took years of hard work to get to this place in life. I didn’t just wake up and randomly become a consultant. I built up my career over the course of more than 20 years. Two decades of sleepless nights, crazy schedules and budgetary sacrifices. And we planned things out together to get where we are now. Sure, there’s still crazy days. Occasional sleepless nights.

But somehow, I find time to fit in more joy. In everyday moments. From singing in the car with my kids to watching them play sports to joining my husband for a “date” night at home on a Friday night (in between ubering) to taking a walk to the beach with my best friend.

Life is fleeting. And all I’m saying is, it’s worth it to find time for more joy.