I can’t believe it’s been two years since I experienced the Listen to Your Mother show in Providence. I’m so proud of the women, my talented friends, who are co-producing this year’s show on April 30 at The Lincoln School, featuring original readings by local writers in celebration of motherhood. I have to give a virtual “Go girl” hug to my 2013 Listen to Your Mother sisters, Kirsten DiChiappariLauren Palizzolo JordanBrianne DeRosa and my blogging friend Chelley Martinka, who are all co-producers of the 2015 Providence Listen to Your Mother Show! (And another big-fellow-Texan-hug to my publisher and friend, Lane Buckman, for her LTYM performance in Austin, which I can’t wait to see on YouTube!)

Hats off to this year’s cast: Sarah Bouvier, Meri E. Brady, Bri DeRosaKirsten DiChiappari, Angela Flynn, Rebecca Ladd, Jay Potter, Allison Seed, Deborah Stoloff, Melissa Thompson and Anne Wert.

I’m so sad that I will miss the show this year due to an already planned trip, but I will be rooting them on the entire flight (as I skim through SkyMall and snack on pretzels).

To buy tickets and find out more about this year’s show on Thursday, April 30, visit http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1365147 By the way, the national show is founded and directed by rock star Ann Imig, of http://annimig.com/.

You can find Kirsten at http://www.thequeenoftheearth.com/, Lauren at http://www.dontlickthetrashcan.com/, Brianne here http://www.redroundorgreen.com/ and Chelley Martinka at http://aisforadelaide.com/.

The bond formed with my Listen to Your Mother sisters in 2013 was real. It was special. And it was beyond words, yet it was all about the words we read aloud for the world to hear. The experience of being a part of this national show that gives Mother’s Day a microphone struck a chord within all of us, as we swallowed our butterflies, sweat and fears before taking the stage together.2013-04-29 10.33.21

I thought it would be fitting to re-post something I wrote about in the days following my experience in 2013:

I’m still trying to come down from the natural high of being a part of the Listen to Your Mother Providence 2013 show. I feel like a second-grader waving goodbye as the last guest leaves my birthday party. There’s nothing left but deflated balloons, dented ribbons and a half-devoured birthday cake.

And a heart that burns.

Not from too much cake, but for the party to last a little longer.

Not for the presents, but for the present, to last…just a little bit longer.

I’m still reeling from the entire experience. Thirteen amazing women. All with a story to share. Original stories shared in celebration of motherhood. Of its struggles. Its highs, its lows, and everything in between. My mom and dad were so sweet, they flew in for the show! An early Mother’s Day gift!

And I got to see a ton of familiar faces, from my family to Rhody Blogger friends (Tera Norberg, Carina Aggor, Melissa Pezza, Jen Senecal, Chelley Martinka, Jodi Williston to name a few). I’m so grateful.

Today, I feel so sad to say goodbye to my show sistahs.

Together, we giggled. We cried. We laughed until we almost peed. From auditions to rehearsals, we shared our insecurities. Our worries. Funny vents. Silly side stories. Then show day, the butterflies. Natural remedies. The fears. The hairspray. And oh so much more. We gave motherhood a microphone.

We are friends 4-eva. We are LTYM sisters.

We got to be a part of something that was simply magical.

You know the saying, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”?

When I think about the Listen to Your Mother show, this old (and not quite accurate saying) couldn’t be more true. (And yes, Kirsten, this made me think of you and your piece!)

The whole experience, from audition to final show, was so much greater than the sum of the parts. And each cast member, although amazingly talented on their own, shined a little brighter when we performed as a group. One presenter flowed to the next, sharing something different. Something special. A part of themselves. Even people from the audience could tell you that there was something wonderful…a roller-coaster of emotions (in a good way)…going on in that auditorium.

I just have to say a special thank you to all my show sisters, for their courage and tenacity. Their wisdom and words.

Thank you, (in no particular order) Kelly Baraf,  Jennifer Ciplet, Laura Rossi, Jessica Severson, Carla Molina, Alicia Kamm, Kirsten DiChiappari, Lauren Jordan, Stephanie Lazenby, Brianne DeRosa, Lexi Magnusson, Phyllis Kim Myung, and the poetic queen, Marian Kent.

Thank you, co-producers and co-directors, Laura Rossi and Carla Molina, for creating an incredible ensemble and experience, and for performing such memorable pieces too. And for seeing the real me, quirks, fast-talking, self-deprecating, whisper-yells and all. Thank you for giving me a chance to say my piece (and my peace) on stage. I love you all!