Mommy Brain is one thing. But Mommy Brain on blond highlights? Oh yes, these are the random “senior/mommy moments” that happen to me after I get a little blonder. Meaning, after my hair stylist Patrick works his magic and rids me of my dark blond roots.  The week or so after you get your hair highlighted, something happens. Mommy brain is one thing, but mommy brain on recently highlighted hair is another.

It could just be the fact that both of my kids recently had the stomach bug while my husband was away, but I have a feeling whether you’re a brunette who covers your grays or a blond who highlights a shade or two lighter, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Tack on a sleepless night, crazed hormones, back to school taxi-ing, work deadlines and four loads of laundry, and this list can stretch on as long as a pair of tights that snag in the wash from your daughter’s “lost” metal hair clip.

2012-07-02_19-19-50_727 one (2) blondMy friend Jane from brought a funny “moment” to my attention recently, which had me in stitches and inspired me to write this post. (Hugs, Jane!)

You know you’re suffering from Blond Mommy Brain when:

  • You start chit-chatting with an acquaintance at the grocery store and keep calling her “Kim” and realize when you get back in your car….the woman’s name is actually NOT Kim.
  • You walk downstairs and forget what you came down for, so you walk back up and start doing something else.
  • Then in the middle of doing the other task, you finally remember why you went downstairs in the first place, but then forget what you were doing after that because the phone rings.
  • You feed your dog breakfast, twice, by mistake.
  • You fill the dishwasher and forget to press the START button.
  • You walk out of a store and forget where you parked your car.
  • You frantically call your cell phone and discover it buried at the bottom of your handbag. 2013-09-10 12.14.06
  • You leave your Starbucks drink somewhere in the house, but you can’t remember WHERE.
  • You search high and low for your sunglasses, and then catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and realize you’ve been using them as a headband all day.

What are some of your favorite “mommy brain” moments?