I swear I just had my hair highlighted a few weeks ago. But right now, I’m experiencing what I like to refer to as “Mommy Headband”. This means I HAVE to wear a headband to hide my roots. Or a pony tail to mask my dead ends. Plus it’s been raining off and on. And I have to wear a hat when it’s sunny out because I’m….42. Those days of laying out in the driveway with my best friends on a hot Texas day? And spraying baby oil on our faces and bodies? They are….over. If I don’t wear SPF 25 and cover my head in some fashion, I get a sun-burned scalp and raccoon eyes where my sunglasses were. Yes, I’ve officially turned into my mother.

I get that I live in New England now. It takes longer to get a tan… or even a burn. (In places where I forgot to rub in the sunscreen.) It also means your dark roots start to show a mere three and a half weeks after a highlighting. I love my hair stylist. Patrick is the best. It’s not his fault I have dirty blond hair and live in Rhode Island. This never happened when I lived in Texas. (Because the driveway absorbed the sun like Sponge Bob to salt water and meant I’d get major blond highlights for free!)

I’m here to let you know it’s OK to let your roots shine, girls. It happens from time to time. So wear your Mommy Headband with pride.

Do you know how many moms out there don’t even have the time to get their hair done professionally? They’re lucky to fit in a shower in between all the night feedings and toddler tantrums.

I know you may be desperate. But be patient. Don’t do anything stupid. Like…I did. I think I’ve had 50 shades of blond through the years. When I was in college, I used to have my roommates do my hair. And I used Sun In. After the second semester of my freshman year, my hair was so damaged, it turned orange. My brother told me I looked like something I don’t even want to repeat. And my parents didn’t even recognize me! For the love of Sarah Jessica Parker, my mom had to dye my hair back to normal with a bottle.

One of my dearest friends brought my roots to my attention when I was working full-time. During my second month there! I was so embarrassed! At the time, my son was three and my daughter was six months old. Oh my, I remember those days. A shower was an accomplishment. I have a mommy friend who shares pictures of her dark roots on Facebook, God bless her!

Here’s a thought: The next time a fellow mom shares her personal root rage with you, offer to take care of her kids for a couple of hours so she can have some time for herself to get her hair done. If Samantha did it for Miranda in Sex and the City, it’s the least you can do!