In case you didn’t catch the style news, green is in again. I don’t know about you, but prior to this memo, the closest thing I had to green in my wardrobe was frantically searching for something in the back of my closet the morning of St. Patrick’s Day that had a dash of green in it. Sometimes, I would dig for 20 minutes and end up with a dark olive green tank, circa 1999 or a faded not-exactly-kelly-green t-shirt that I would wear in spite of myself.  So I broke down and bought a new bright green Pashmina scarf this week. Yes, I hid it in my trunk overnight so my husband wouldn’t notice it right away. (Which he did, the very next day, and shook his head when I told him it was on sale.)

Unfortunately, for everyone in my life, it is January. And this means I tend to get into a New England winter wardrobe rut. Meaning I will repeat the same t-shirt, sweater or scarf that I really like over and over again, for weeks on end. Yes, I shower. Yes, I wash my clothes. But I will repeat things until they can practically walk on their own.

My daughter recently brought this to my attention, “Mommy, that looks cute, but are you going to wear THAT AGAIN?”

“Yes….I am.”

I have managed to wear the same look – jeans tucked into black riding boots – every day since Thanksgiving. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I wake up, work out, shower, work and put on my uniform. When I have a meeting, I will wear my “work look” version of this outfit by switching out the jeans for black pants and a dressy shirt and blazer.

I have to apologize in advance because I will probably wear this poor scarf for 17 days straight without even realizing it. Until my daughter peels it off of me and starts wrapping her baby dolls in it.  Go green!