So my son and I are listening to the radio on the way to school the other day. We’re both singing along to one of his favorite pop songs (one that I’m beginning to like now to my friends’ dismay). As soon as the song ends, the DJ starts rambling on about something. Before I know it, the DJ announces that Lady Gaga’s secret to younger-looking skin is spinach and orgasms. I felt like I was in slow-motion, reaching for the off switch. I hit that button so fast, you could barely hear the “O” word. But OM goodness! I’m no Tipper Gore, but really? It was 8:15 a.m. and my son is 10. He’s too old for KidzBop, but WAY too young for this stuff. Thankfully, it was over his head. He didn’t even suspect a thing. Had he caught on, I would have resorted to leaving the radio off until he turns 15. (Or maybe simply asking him to put on his proverbial “ear muffs” just as Vince Vaughn did in Old School.)

Ear Muff It For Me, Old School.