Are you a working mom? I realize it’s an oxymoron. Being
a mom is work. And it’s the toughest
job around. But I’m talking about moms who also work out of the home. If you
just went back to work or have worked out of the home since the dawn of time,
work part-time or full-time, you too are a rock star. How do you balance the
insanity? Have you ever showed up at the office wearing two different shoes? With
deodorant on your skirt? Cleaning up the conference table like Terri Garr in
Mr. Mom?

I want to hear your side, your take, your story.  Please share!

(I used to tweeze my eyebrows in between traffic
lights. I heard a radio listener once complain about a “crazy lady”
doing this during the morning commute. I’m almost positive he was talking about

A clip from one of my favorite 80’s movies, Mr. Mom!