When you become a new parent, you’re clueless. It’s an inevitable truth in life. I’ll never forget when we accidentally washed our new baby boy’s clothes in regular laundry detergent. Baby Calvin broke out all over, and was bawling louder than any other newborn in Seattle. I had already washed his new outfits in Dreft and his father was just trying to wash everything again to make sure it was extra clean. How was he to know, right? (It took me hours to put together the Diaper Genie for the first time. I was in tears, begging for my husband’s help. We were both about to throw the thing out the window of our one-bedroom apartment.) We were all clueless once. And maybe we still are clueless no matter what our kids’ ages? Speaking of clueless parents, this is a funny new show: Up All Night with Christina Applegate and Will Arnett. It’s a sitcom about…you guessed it, new (and clueless) parents! This show (and Modern Family and 30 Rock) are my temporary friends when the kids (and my husband) are fast asleep and I’m suffering from my O M goodness I’m-so-40-now-hormone-induced insomnia. Check it out.
You HAVE to watch this clip and tell me what you think.  Please share your favorite memory of being a clueless parent!