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I haven’t written about this formally. (Not that I’ve ever been mistaken for being formal.) But I had an expansion problem the better part of 2016. Meaning my ass had expanded so much, if I wore a new pair of PJ pants one-size-too-small, I stretched them out to the point of can’t-be-returned. Now I realize people in Hollywood often pay big bucks for a big bum. But no one would want this brand. One that comes with a side of back fat and doesn’t stop until it reaches the pre-thunder-thigh region.

I’d look in my closet mirror and realize my backside was effing unrecognizable. My front side too.

I was in total shock.

How did this happen?

I was always on the thinner side. As a kid, my nickname was Snack-a-lyn Jacqueline because I could eat like a lumber Jack and get away with it. Today, if I dare list “what I eat in a day,” poor gorgeous Gwyneth would Goop in her organic cotton shorts. My metabolism was so fast in my teen years, I’d consume as many calories as a weight lifter, ride my bike, swim, jog and Jazzercise it off and wake up and eat four bowls of Wheaties. And probably lose a pound in the process.

But things changed after having kids. After turning 40. And REALLY took a turn nearly a year ago. The very day I turned 45. Before I could shove down a tiny slice of Death by Chocolate birthday cake, I felt like I had grown a third butt cheek.

It wasn’t that I had increased my calorie intake.

Or stopped exercising.

It was simple: When I turned 45, my body didn’t work the same way. It remembered things. Like the cookie I ate after 8 p.m. The cheese dip I had at a party Friday night. Or the chocolate I consumed after dinner.

Now, I love everything about getting older.  The wisdom. The not giving a crap about what other people think. The laughter. The friendships. The experiences. The wisdom mixed with occasional brain pharts. My marriage. My family. But I could definitely do without the expansion problem.

Since September, I’ve started a new thought and get -thinner process that has allowed me to reduce the size of my booty (and other body parts).

If you want a bittier booty, try these 10 tips:

  1. Move your body. This advice comes straight from my dear BFF here in RI who is a Yoga gal and looks like a Barbie doll at age 51. Move it or lose it, people.
  2. Make it a point to walk or jog every day, rain or shine. If I’m not in the mood to run or walk outside, I go on the treadmill in my garage. And giggle to Chelsea Handler or Mindy Kaling. If I don’t have time for the treadmill, I jog in place while drying my hair. (You think I’m kidding, but I’m not.) If I can’t jog in place, I take the steps rather than the elevator or park my car far away from a store so I can sneak in some extra steps.
  3. Sneak in stretches and squeezes. If you can’t take a class, try stretching while you’re drying your hair!
  4. Don’t drink your calories. I used to have a soy green tea latte every morning. Little did I know that such a seemingly healthy drink would end up becoming an unhealthy addiction. A 240-calorie one at that! Now I order a jade mint green tea heaped in hot water. And I try to avoid soy milk because for some reason, it has a tendency to make my butt grow.
  5. GRAZE. I swear it’s a good thing. If I go hours without eating, I’m more likely to crave unhealthy options. But if I graze or snack often on good stuff, mixed with some chocolate and then maybe some more treats, I’m good to go.
  6. Drink water. Then more water. Then some more. Avoid sports drinks unless you’re training for a triathlon or marathon.
  7. Never skip breakfast. Whether it’s a smoothie, a handful of almonds or a piece of turkey bacon, eat something. If you skip, trust me, you’re going to feel weak and crave macaroni and cheese by 11:30 a.m.!
  8. Throw out your scale. (Or at least put it away for a while.) Weighing myself can be downright depressing. I drink a glass of water and gain two pounds. It’s about how you feel and look in clothes that makes all the difference.
  9. Make it in a mason jar. Every week, I make a week’s worth of mason jar salads filled with gorgeous greens, sweet peppers, carrots, tomatoes and banana peppers. You name it, it’s in there. Email me if you want to know my trick to making a salad stay fresh, delicious and soggy-free for a week! jackie@ventingsessions.com
  1. Be balanced. I love juicing veggies, but I’ve never gone on all-juice cleanses because I’m hypoglycemic and my blood sugar dips if I don’t consume enough protein or calories. Everyone is different. Instead, I take Juice Plus dried veggie and fruit capsules to help me stay on track. Visit my BFF’s site for more information: http://taylorwells.juiceplus.com/us/en I also eat chocolate every day. I give into cravings, but make sure I move my body the next day. It’s about creating a cycle of good habits that help me feel better and reduce the size of my booty!