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I’ve seen so many posts in response to the “Yoga Pants” letter to the editor that was published in this week’s Barrington Times. I have included a snapshot of it below in case you’re not familiar. After giggling and getting offended Wednesday evening, I decided maybe enough is enough. I’ll keep my voice down.

Then I realized, as a former journalist, I really need to give my take on the whole situation. And as a Barrington resident and mom, I owe it to moms in this town (and my daughter, for that matter) to share my opinion. In case you’re wondering, yes, I’m wearing yoga pants as I write this because I just worked out and played Uber-mom all morning. And I’m not 20 years old or pairing them with a blousy shirt either.yoga-pants-parade

But, seriously, I do have something I need to share.skinny

First of all, I believe the letter to the editor was rude. I believe it was obnoxious. A little sexist. And, surprisingly silly. It was, in my opinion, written from the perspective of someone who isn’t exactly on trend when it comes to fashion. I can’t remember the last time I even used the words “slacks” and “yoga pants” in the same sentence. After almost peeing in my not-so-skinny jeans at the absurdity of it all, I noticed a lot of people were posting on Facebook that they couldn’t believe that our local newspaper printed it in the first place.

Let me tell you a little something about hometown newspapers. They are required to print letters like this because it’s their journalistic duty. They receive piles of letters from local residents. About a lot of nutty things. I know because I worked as an assistant editor and columnist in Seattle, Washington, writing and editing multiple newspapers filled with articles and these types of letters every week. Before yoga pants were even a thing!

As a blogger, you get a chance to say what you want. But I’m not just a blogger. I’m also a former journalist and PR professional who respects journalistic integrity. Something that often gets lost in today’s sometimes seaweedy sea of social media.

I think The Barrington Times is not at fault for printing the letter. The Times, in my opinion, was standing by its journalistic integrity and printing every letter that comes through the door. The shock value comes in the contents of the letter and the fact that it comes from a man who in my opinion, is a little cranky and didn’t think before he wrote. Maybe he’s the type who also gets offended if whipper-snappers are walking on his property? Who knows.

We live in a small town.

We should almost feel a little grateful to be able to talk about something like this in our community and share our different views. (While wearing yoga pants! Or slacks!) And make national news! And to be able to plan an actual Yoga Pants Parade in response to it all? (To be held this Sunday at 2 p.m. by the way. ) I mean, that’s pretty awesome. Because if this is as bad as it gets, I see it as a sign that things aren’t really THAT bad. We have it pretty good in this community. And I’m sorry, but for that, I’m pretty grateful.