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Have you ever noticed that in nearly every fairy tale, one parent passes away tragically?

Think of it. In Snow White, her father passes away.

Cinderella’s dad dies. 

We all know what happens to Bambie’s mom.

Even in modern-day fairy tales like Finding Nemo, the mom gets swallowed by a shark (along with, GULP, hundreds of brothers and sisters).

Goodness. That’s heavy stuff. Especially for a little kid!

I adore the classics…but can someone PLEASE throw us a bone in the form of a more uplifting fairy tale?

Enter fellow writer, Leslie Gibbons, author of A Fairytale for Mothers. When Leslie’s daughter was expecting her first baby, she was disappointed by the lack of mothers and mother-figures in fairy tales.  She begged Leslie to write a story with a living, loving mother that she could share with her family.  That’s how A Fairytale for Mothers was born.  Yeah! (Can you tell I’m excited?)

A Fairytale for Mothers cover illustration by Elese Morris

This full-color gift book illustrated by Elese Morris is perfect for moms because it’s a quick read with an inspiring message.  Mothers and children alike will appreciate this story about a mother bird’s love for her chicks, and the generous gift she shares with each one when it is their turn to leave the nest. It also shows how adult chicks don’t return to the nest after college return to share gifts of their own.  Beautifully illustrated in water color, A Fairytale for Mothers is available from Robyn Lane Books (a totally awesome publishing company) on November 18, 2014. Here’s a sneak peek at the beautiful cover! You can also find more details here.