I’m all about ringing in the New Year in style. I mean, we stayed in and watched New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on TV and kissed when the clock struck midnight. The next morning, we cheered on my husband as he took the Penguin Plunge! But as far as New Year’s Resolutions, this year, I’m just saying NO. I’ve had it with all the “New Year, New You” guilt. I work out…and eat dessert. So shoot me. I’ve decided this year, to do away with New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve resolved to be at peace with myself. Yes, this year, it’s all about accepting myself and all my imperfections. (I’m enjoying a handful of semi-sweet morsels right now, in case you’re wondering, but I did work out this morning.) So far, I’m loving every minute of my decision! Check out my latest AskMom OnlineRI.com column to see why you should too! https://onlineri.com/articles/ask_mom