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You KNOW you need a juice fast when…fresh-fruit-vegetable-juice

  • You polish off all the Halloween candy.. a week before Halloween.
  • You’re among the few who caved in and ate a piece of toast after being on the Atkins diet for five hours. (True story, I raise my hand in total shame.)
  • After jogging, rather than cooling down, you join your nine-year-old to a few spoonfuls of Nutella for….protein.
  • You eat your veggies, followed by a piece of dark chocolate. And then a cup of hot chocolate.
  • You eat dessert after every meal. Including brunch.
  • After a tough Pilates workout, you eat everything in your refrigerator that hasn’t expired.
  • You say yes to Garlic mashed potatoes for your side dish every time, without even flinching.
  • You equate a large salad on Monday to your veggie intake for the rest of the week.

In all seriousness, fruit juice fasts aren’t for everyone. Check out my latest AskMom column at OnlineRI.com to see if they’re right for you! Seven Truths About Juice Fasts: https://onlineri.com/articles/ask_mom