I know we all have more important things to worry about than ponder who wore what dress to the Emmy’s. But I can’t lie and say I haven’t scoured the pages of People and US Weekly at the check-out line to find out who made the “Best” and “Worst” Dressed lists. A couple years ago, I unintentionally ripped a few pages trying to see what Jennifer Garner wore.  Not a proud moment as my daughter was helping me put the groceries on the conveyor belt.

(I once DVR’d the Oscar’s JUST to watch Reese Witherspoon’s acceptance speech and as soon as they announced “And the Oscar for Best Actress goes to…” it cut off the recording. I was so frustrated, I haven’t watched an entire awards show since.)

So, yes, I’ve had my fanatical moments.

But thanks to social media, I don’t have to watch the shows from beginning to end anymore. I didn’t even have to wait to see who wore what this year. Those posts about Heidi Klum’s dress were rolling in so fast , I didn’t even have to LOOK for them. In my opinion, she’s so gorgeous, the woman could wear a paper bag and make it look fabulous.

I have to admit, aside from wishing I had even half of their shoes, I feel sorry for some of these actresses. When you really think about it, if you were going to a glamorous event and you had to choose a dress that’s either already in your closet or given to you by a creative designer friend, what would you wear?

What would you wear?

Probably something black, right?

And maybe play it up with a necklace that’s NOT made out of real diamonds?

And pair it with Spanx and peep toes?

Am I right?

I have two or three dresses that I wear to events all the time. I am constantly recycling them. And I’ve owned them for probably five years. One highlights my arm dangle and the others HAVE to be worn with Spanx or else I look like a character from Mama’s Family. I’m incredibly thankful that I’ve never been invited to a Hollywood event or else I’d be frantically choosing something with not enough color or bling. (My girlfriend graciously let me borrow her dress when I went to the Give and Glam in Newport this summer. I loved it and the price was great! And my fellow author friends Elyse Major (middle) and Jennifer Leal (left) looked lovely in their ensembles!;))

I borrowed this dress (far right) from a dear friend when I joined my friends and fellow authors at the Give & Glam event in June!

But let’s take a moment and put ourselves in these actresses’ shoes. (Oh, how heavenly. I take size 9 medium, thank you.)

They picked out a fancy dress.

They put on their Spanx.

They had their hair done.

They loaded up on eye shadow.

They grabbed a cute clutch.

And they walked out the door feeling confident and pretty.

And then they are bombarded with cameras. In a flash, other people decide that their dress, their hair, their entire ensemble is either hideous or high-fashion.

One moment they are in, they next, they are out.

It’s awful if you really think about it.

I’m just so glad there are no judges waiting for me on the soccer field, at PTO meetings, at the grocery store, or cross country meets.

Wait – there are.

There are judgy moms everywhere.

All I’m saying is, before you pass judgment on these actresses, or anyone else, take a look in the mirror.