I have an embarrassing habit. It’s very PG, so get your mind out of the gutter.

When I have time to myself in the morning, I watch a popular teen-TV series on Netflix. (OK, so a couple.) I don’t just sit around, watching random shows all day. I just work-out to them before my kids wake up. We don’t have a treadmill or a fancy Elliptical machine. Just my running shoes, some free weights and Netflix. Very 1980’s of me, I know. But it’s how I sweat when I don’t have time to hit the pavement or a Pilates class. I do some Jane Fonda-style moves and burn calories before anyone wakes up. (Running in place, leg lifts, planks, etc.) Yes, I may sound like an octogenarian in a leotard, but it helps me stay in shape. Sometimes, I have only 25 minutes to spare, but 25 minutes of “feeling the burn” is better than nothing, right?

After so many mini-workout sessions to the teen show……(and here’s where I whisper-yell like that woman in St. Elmo’s Fire)…..Gossip Girl… I’ve figured out that I have some questions that other fellow GG fans can understand.

Please note that I realize how pathetic I am for watching this show. I get that I’m in my 40s. But the story line is so addicting, it helps me forget that I’m burning calories. And so do the shoes and handbags! Hey, we all have shameless habits. I don’t smoke or do drugs. I work out to Gossip Girl. Sue me.

Questions that I find myself pondering as I’m running to Gossip Girl:

1)      Someone please tell me, when do Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen have time to work out? B probably weighs 95 pounds in the rain.

2)      I never see them getting out of the shower or blow drying their own hair. Do you?

3)      When do they have time to style their hair and make it look professionally blown out?

4)      Does private school in Manhattan start at 10 a.m.? How else can they be dressed from head to toe in Versace (with a matching headband) and manage to beat morning traffic?

5)      How is it that the same day someone decides to throw a party, everyone miraculously shows up at 7 p.m.? (On a school night!) It takes me weeks, sometimes months to plan something with my girlfriends!

6)      Besides Carrie Bradshaw, who has that many cocktails dresses? With coordinating designer shoes? (That aren’t straight from the sale rack? Oh, the horror!) I would probably repeat the same dress 10 times in one year, (mixing up the shoes and jewelry, of course)…and this alone would land me smack on the cover of Gossip Girl!

7)      Besides Don Draper and his Mad Men cohorts, who really drinks scotch in the middle of the day? Or two glasses of cognac and can still stand after a “last-minute” white party on Blair’s terrace?

8)      How does Lily Bass have the strength to wear diamond dangling earrings when all she consumes are crumbs of Rufus’s waffles, an occasional spoonful of yogurt or three glasses of champagne?

9)      When exactly did Serena…develop? Age 12? Honey, I’m still waiting for mine to come in!

10)   How can Chuck Bass run his father’s multi-billion dollar empire? Didn’t he just graduate from high school?

11)   How can a college student go from interning for ONE day to being promoted at a top fashion magazine? Especially after she got fired? Excuse me, but I don’t recall her even taking a writing test!

12)   When will Lily stop looking so put-together? She wakes up looking like she’s ready for the opera. Never do I see her in a t-shirt and yoga pants.

(Let alone Wellies and comfy leggings, which just so happens to be what I’m wearing right now as I sit in a café venting all of this out on my laptop.)

You know you “get” me, moms…XOXO – Jackie