I don’t know about you, but I enjoy mulling over something for a bit and then finding a solution. I like to chit-chat with my grandmother about it. Then a good friend. It’s the way I’m wired. If I need to vent about something, my husband (I love you, honey, I just need to get this out) searches for a solution. Immediately. Are all men wired this way? Sometimes, I just want to talk about it first. To mull it over, brainstorm and vent a bit.

So much research has been done about women and their internal “talk about it” button. If my memory serves me correctly, my inner venter never really turned on until I became a mother. I love my kids. But there are times when I don’t have the capacity to search for a solution – I just need to vent.

For example, I’ll say to my husband, “I’m having a tough time writing with the kids around today.”

“Then move the computer to another room.”

“But the kids need me around today; and it’s easier if I’m downstairs. Plus I’m on deadline.”

“I guess I can’t help you.”

Maybe I like writing with the kids around, but I’m actually secretly wishing there were more times when he’d take off with them so I could get stuff done without anyone home. Then I could take a Calgon bath, watch re-runs of Pretty Little Liar, Sex and the City, eat cereal over the sink and dance in the kitchen with my dog.

And I digress.

When I need to vent, I could care less about finding a solution immediately. I don’t need to go back to the grocery store and tell off the 19-year-old check-out girl with the tattoo covering her left arm for giving me dirty looks as my daughter hangs over the shopping cart. I just want to be able to let off some steam before my hormones bubble up in spurts throughout the week.

Some may see it as empty venting; I call it free therapy.:)