You find dust bunnies in every corner  ….and you just vacuumed the entire house three days ago.

While the rest of Rhode Island was out bike riding on this glorious spring-like day, we decided to dive in and spring clean our daughter’s room.  Basketball season is over and we thought, “Why not. Today is a perfect day.” Or not.

I have no words to describe the things we found. Let’s just say the chocolate bunny I discovered lying headless in the back of her closet was not from this coming Easter. There were clothing tags, headbands, earrings, necklaces, drawings and enough pencils to fill the first floor of Staples. And this was just in her desk area.

I am the first to admit I am not naturally organized. Although I’m not by any means a hoarder, I do tend to hold on to certain things. There are days I wish Neicy Nash would return to Clean House for one more season just so she could stop by my house and show me some love. Image

Now, I do clean my own house, make my own beds and scrub my own toilets. But when you have two kids and a Golden Retriever that sheds a pound of fur when he walks by, it’s like brushing your teeth before devouring a bag of Oreos.  

My little girl is a bright, creative girl and I’m proud of every drawing, bracelet, purse and pottery dish she has ever made. But when you start saving everything, the crud really adds up. And it makes you want to throw out everything. But we accomplished our goal. We worked with my daughter and made piles for everything from clothes to toys and hair elastics to erasers.  We had her pick and choose what stays, what goes and what can be given to charity. And guess what? We did it! It felt so good when it was over and my back is killing me. But we did it.

And guess what we did when three girls from down the street came over to play? We sent them all outside to play. 😉