In honor of Veterans Day, I’m doing something this week that I rarely do ­­– observing a moment of silence. Taking some quiet time in their honor. I know it’s hard to imagine, but it’s for something close to my heart. My grandfather fought in two wars and survived Pearl Harbor. He was an amazing man and went through more than anyone in our family could ever comprehend. As a kid, you hear war stories from your grandfather and then jump back on your Huffy, because it’s too much to take in. Can you imagine trying to tell your children today? When you really stop and think about what veterans go through, it’s mind-boggling. And not only their sacrifices, but the emotional roller coaster endured by their mothers. Can you imagine sending a child off to war? Your own child? Our mother’s mothers, our grandmother’s mothers and even our grandmother’s grandmothers went through so much, it’s overwhelming.

I hope you can take a moment to reflect on those in your life who have served and thank them in your own way this week. Whether it’s buying one of those little red flowers from the sweet man in uniform behind the card table at the grocery store, reading a book to your kids, watching a documentary or even taking a road trip and visiting a monument. No matter what you do, take some time in their honor.