I’m no Alice, but I do windows. I do laundry. I mop. I sweep. I do dishes at least twice a day. But there is one household chore that I procrastinate about every year. It gives me the chills just thinking about it. When was the last time you cleaned your kid’s room? Not just vacuuming. Not just dusting the bookshelf. But really giving it a good spring cleaning. And when you finally clear your schedule and get down to it, how does it make you feel? Satisfied? Accomplished? Like Betty Draper? Utterly shocked and mortified? How about “All of the Above”. When I recently ventured into my little girl’s room, I saw things that scared the Beetle Juice out of me. Moldy wrappers. Missing socks. Stuffed animals. Stuffed animal clothing. Doll hair. Doll hair stuck to dog fur, wrapped in God knows what. When I saw a pair of old shoes shoved inside a bag that holds my daughter’s sleeping bag that was also missing for months, I nearly lost it. How can a child that makes her own bed every day (and make a room APPEAR so neat and tidy) hide so many little things inside boxes, drawers and under the bed? While my other child blatantly keeps an unmade bed for everyone to see? When I found three chocolate Santas inside a jewelry box, along with price tags and packages for earrings that are clearly missing, I did what any parent can do at this point. I started laughing so hard, I nearly tinkled in my jeans. Then I pulled out the trash can and started purging everything. I gave some things to charity. And other items to a neighbor who is two sizes smaller. Getting rid of that stuff is like enjoying the results of a juicing without having to fast!