We’ve been traveling a lot this summer as a family. And I must say, all kidding aside, we’ve been having a blast. I’m so proud of my kids for withstanding long car rides, curly Colorado roads, oxygen-depleting altitudes, and oh-so-off-the-routine sleep and snack schedules. My body is going to cry when I get back to Pilates! I’m still on CO time and boy was I starving for lunch at 3 p.m. yesterday. Although we all felt grateful we had a chance to spend time with cousins in the mountains, we were all secretly excited to get back home. I came back to loads of work, an inch of non-highlighted roots, 10 pounds of water weight, a dog barking for our attention, and toes that so needed a pedicure yesterday. Not to mention a lonely looking blog. Thanks to my dear friends at Merely Mothers, I was able to write a guest blog for them that I could re-post for you here! Yay! Thanks, Merely Mothers – you gals are the bomb! Guest Post