Don’t you love summer? The lazy mornings. Sand in the sheets. Shell collections throughout the house. There are a million things I love to do with my kids in the summer. From being buried in the sand to riding to Starbucks in our PJs (so our dog can get a free cup of whipped cream). We go to the park, diner, ice cream shop, beach, pool, gift shop, movies, library and even the museum. We do so much together, I’ve often been called the FUN FACTORY. And I love it. Except when I’m on deadline and have five loads of laundry, dog hair everywhere and a ton of conference calls. Then I get frazzled. And I refer to myself as the EFF-IN SUMMER FUN FACTORY. And I turn on the TV to help take a load off. And then the mommy guilt sets in. If one of my children dares to spew out the words, “I’m bored” (especially after hours at the beach) don’t even try me. I will get cranky.  And if you know what’s good for you, don’t EVER ask me to weigh myself during this time of year either. During the summer, if I dare to skip just two days of exercising, what I’ve eaten over that 48-hour period is somehow planted on my hips, butt and bloated belly. Oh, I may jog with my dog and keep up with the Pilates planking. I may eat my veggies every day. But mark my words, I will retain every frozen lemonade, cherry Popsicle and lobster roll that I indulge in until September 2.

Because I get how busy moms are in the summer, I’m extending the deadline for MOMMY INSANITY STORIES & DESSERT RECIPES to August 31! Remember, your story or dessert recipe could be in my next book! Please contact me today at!