My friend recently shared a dessert recipe with me that’s so easy, it practically brought tears to my eyes. Not only does it include Oreos, but cream cheese too. Actually these are the only two ingredients you need. I’m totally serious. I’m a sucker for an easy recipe that tastes great. My son and daughter are huge fans. For those times when you just don’t have enough time to bake, make up a batch of these and I promise you won’t get made fun of by even your most Martha Stewart-like friends. (If you prefer all natural ingredients, try using all-natural sandwich cookies as an alternative or make up a batch of homemade cookies and follow the recipe below.)


-1 pkg of Oreo Cookies – crushed

– 1 – 8 oz. cream cheese – softened

Directions: Mix crushed Oreo’s and cream cheese together. Roll into bite size balls. Chill in freezer and serve. Chill leftovers. Waa laa!

Here’s a brainstorm: Pop a wooden stick in each ball, place them in the freezer and waa laa, you have Oreo Cake Pops. You can also drizzle frosting, melted semi-sweet chocolate chips or white chocolate over them to make them even more fabulous.