You think the days of uninterrupted sleep are over until your seven-year-old crawls into bed with you and wakes you from a deep sleep, asking for a drink of water. She and the dog end up on your side of the bed, snoring like drunken sailors. I think I averaged about 3 hours of interrupted sleep that night. This is why we bought a refrigerator for the upstairs. We fill it with bottled water, seltzer water, non-alcoholic drinks (anything you want to keep cold, Tommy boy) so our kids can help themselves at any ungodly hour. Unfortunately, many a night this means mommy still needs to get up and fetch the water from this fridge because the kids are too tired or forgot about the fridge and daddy is such a deep sleeper he can’t even hear anything going on around him. My husband, as you will learn, is an incredible sleeper. And although I love him, and admire all he does in life (including his own laundry), I have issues when it comes to him getting more sleep than I do. I, quite frankly, act like a witch when he tells me he only got 6 hours of sleep and needs to go to bed extra early the next night to make up for it. Six hours of uninterrupted sleep to me is a gift. A gift I tell you.