I turned 40 this year. Aside from the back fat and bloated-beyond-belief-belly rolls, I actually love it. My new mantra is, “F-it, I’m Forty.” I’m done caring what everyone else thinks of me. If you’ve reached this age bracket, I highly recommend repeating those words once told by another mother who knows her you-know-what, “F-it, I’m Forty.” It’s amazing what self-confidence can do for your complexion. Then again, I still get an occasional zit. What’s up with this? I use night cream now, for crying out loud. Expensive night cream that’s supposed to help with imperfections. My daughter makes me feel great. Nearly every morning she says to me, “Mommy, you’re so pretty. Even when you wear glasses.” I want to bottle these words and keep them forever. She has no idea that I have a pimple forming on the side of my nose. Probably the worst place to try to cover it up. I want to know, am I alone? Do you still get zits? Clearasil is no longer in my vocabulary, but I have tried natural remedies like combining lemon juice with toothpaste and dabbing the mixture over a blemish. It works.