Another observation I made when my daughter was four: There was a time when I found myself vicariously shopping through my daughter as a way of making up for the way I dressed as a child. OK, maybe I did this again last week. But I always look for sales and I try not to spoil her – I just don’t want her to be caught in a polyester pantsuit on picture day. I realize that doing this will never make my own 1970’s bell-bottom disasters disappear, but it hopefully will give my daughter some sense of reasoning when she gets older and starts making fashion decisions on her own. I think she’s naturally talented, actually. At three, she’d turn a t-shirt into a night skirt and a tank top into a belt, without even thinking about it. It’s been fun to watch. She pairs polka dots with stripes and drapes herself in beaded necklaces – think Mrs. Roper meets Fancy Nancy. I look forward to seeing what she can do in her teens – on the other hand, let me just enjoy this time, soak it up, and stay in denial a little longer.