Have you ever passed by a couple strolling their first baby?

It’s the sweetest sight.

Have you ever thought, “Should I tell them?”

“Dare I say?”


For the sake of Dr. Phil and Rachel Ray,

Just let them enjoy this time.

Just let them be.

Oh, I’ve put my proverbial foot in my mouth and mustered up nothing but a smile.

They’ll figure it out on their own, I’ve thought…after strolling a hundred more miles.

But if I could say something…which I know I shouldn’t, I would say:

“You think you’ve got this thing down, don’t you?

The highs…the lows,

The diapers,

The crying,

The newborn woes.

The urine-on-your-yoga-pants days and sleepless nights.

The honeymoon “first this and first that” baby stage delights.

I sense some “we so know everything” undertones.

Oh I feel you.

I’ve been there.

I too once thought I was an exception, a self-taught parenting pro.

Then we brought our newborn home.

We drove super-duper slow.

Then we accidentally washed his clothes in Tide.

He got a rash and cried and cried.

The Diaper Genie was impossible to assemble and almost broke.

Everything we thought we had down from classes and the new parenting books seemed like one big fat joke.

Can I just tell you that Jagger’s words are true,

You can’t always get what you want,

But you get what you need.

As soon as your newborn enters your world, you want to give him everything you’ve dreamed.

But there’s no such thing as a perfect parent.

A perfect baby.

Or a perfect world.

Yeah, you’ve totally “got this”.

For about a month.

I know you think you know everything right now.

Yes, you’ll do fine.

But it may take some learning, some patience and some time.

Just remember the crap you go through is part of the climb.

Even though you may feel clueless at times.

Like you’re losing your way.

Remember that you’re a parent.

And it’s not easy.

But I promise, it’s all going to be OK.”