The second one of my kids hints the words, “I’m bored,” I start acting like my mother. This can be a good thing…and a not so good thing.

We recently came back from a trip to Martha’s Vineyard. The sand was still stuck to the back of my legs when my 8-year-old starts in with the mom-there-is-nothing-to-do-oh-my-goodness-what-am-I-gonna-do-I’m-so-bored-isms. I respond the way moms responded in the 1950’s, hoping there won’t be any negative consequences. “Go play.”

But there was no one to play with on that particular day. I knew it. She knew it. Even the dog knew it. Literally, everyone was out of town on our street. (My 11-year-old, mind you, was happily glued to his iPad in one of the three rooms where we have an obnoxious window air-conditioning unit blasting.) I was too fried to plan a play date or frankly do anything special (besides picking up groceries and unpacking). Heck, we just came back from a week away in the Vineyard and avoided Jaws! Then, I took a look at my car. It was unrecognizable. I’m not sure where the strands of dog fur ended and the sand began. I knew JUST what to do. “Honey, you’re going to help mommy wash the car.” We vacuumed, wiped and shined that baby. Then we vacuumed some more. We cleaned until my daughter realized just how exhausted she was too. Mommy mission accomplished. At least for another summer day!

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